Month: August 2014

THDP25 Geek Health and Fitness

This week we talk about: Robin Williams tribute AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are being sued for Net Neutrality violations Why are we not replacing our aged weather satellites? The latest health related app from Nextshark coming in 2015 Ed and I discuss his favorite health and fitness apps. Robin Williams THIS WAS PREVIOUSLY RECORDED:  The world became a less funny place yesterday with the passing of Robin Williams.  I have admired and closely followed the successes and the failures of Robin Williams throughout his career since he captivated a young college student (that would be me) as Mork in the ‘70’s TV show  Mork and Mindy.  My favorite movie was 1998’s “What Dreams May Come”, and 1999’s “Bicentennial Man”, and also 1998’s “Patch Adams”. The space shuttle Dis

THDP24 A Look at Ourselves and the Right to be Forgotten

Do We Have the Right to Expect to be Forgotten? I was looking for this past week’s news when I stumbled on the website for the Independent (link in the shownotes) and there was the video story of Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales blasting the European Union’s stance on “The Right to be Forgotten”.  I was familiar with the concept.  In fact in an article I wrote when I was getting my certs at Western Governor’s University, I mentioned this when I was discussing online privacy. So what is The Right to be Forgotten? Wikipedia’s definition of the right to be forgotten is a concept that has been discussed and put into practice in the European Union (EU) (most notably France) and Argentina in recent years. The issue has arisen from the desires of some individuals to "determine the developmen