THDP19 Net Neutrality

net neutrality2We took so long to publish THDP18 that this subject has come and gone.  But not so fast.  This subject is not going anywhere.  We are in the talking stage right now.  The FCC is taking comments and are looking for public input.

Am I the only one that is confused by this issue??  One second I think I understand what the fuss is all about and the next second I read another article and realize I don’t know what the heck is going on.  This is complicated and I am going to say that maybe because it is so complicated, we should never let  Congress have anything to do with it.

If we don’t understand and we are the industry after all….how can we expect our government to understand. Remember, we are talking about those pipes that Al Gore invented here.

So this would be a good time for you to figure out where your Congress person stands on this issue.  Does their position mirror their constituency?  The best way to get hold of them is probably by email.

Let your opinion be heard.  Look at it as defending your way of life.  Has the Internet changed your lifestyle?  I’d say that’s a definite yes.  Do you watch Hulu??  How about the Amazon Cloud Player.  They now offer through prime Video The Sopranos ya know.

Any thought about how school districts will be affected?  Will the Comcasts of the world start charging them for Broadband?  Will they slow their service down to make them pay?

My Dad Story

Before we go any further I would like to take just a moment to wish all you fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day this Sunday.  I was driving to get my final xray of my knee this morning and on the radio they were asking listeners to call in with their “special dad story”.  It got me thinking……and it has inspired me to share with you my seminal “Dad moment”.

I played football in high school but I didn’t start until the 10th grade.  We didn’t have peewee leagues and I missed the 9th grade season because I had minor surgery on my face………..ok nosy people…..I had a mole removed from near my temple area of my head.  Wow, did that bleed!!!   I had NEVER seen anything like that up to that point.  I got a bunch of stitches and that was that.  The only thing was it happened 1 week before 2 a day practices started in August.  I missed the first month of the season so I decided against football that year.


I don’t know, it was probably around the 2nd game of the season and the coach told me I was going to get a chance at major playing time in the upcoming game.  It was an away game.  At Rochester HS.  Not too far (I grew up in Romeo).  I told my Dad the great news at dinner tonight. He congratulated me. I asked if he would be able to make it to the game.  He thought about it and said he didn’t think so because of a previous commitment.  Not a really big deal I thought.  He hadn’t (to my knowledge) made a game yet.

During warmups I looked and did not see him. So the game started and I got my chance.  There I was defensive tackle, yeah, I’m in.  The ball was snapped and the QB went back for a pass.  I broke through the line, brought the QB down and made him fumble.  Yeah!!  This was fun!!!  Going back to the huddle I looked up and there was my Dad sitting in his rain coat in the stands.  He made it.  He saw.  I went on to have one of the better games of my HS career.

That’s my Dad story.  Now let’s go on to the rest of the show with Ed.

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