THDP30 National Podcast Day

National Podcast Day, Sept. 30, 2014This is the audio version of the Google+ Hangouts podcast we recorded on Sept 30th.  Sorry for taking so long to turn this into audio.  The video version is in its entirety no editing, the audio though has some editing.

This is the link for the video version of this podcast on You Tube.

All links for this podcast can be found at THDP30 National Podcast Day Show Notes.

This week has been something else.  On the average, I would say I went to bed at 7:30 pm every night last week.  I ended up rebuilding 2 computer labs at one of my high schools.  Up and down, up and down, on my knees for two straight days and a part of another.  As a result, my bad hip is a disaster area.  Yep, we are waiting for the official Presidential designation any day now……holding my breath……ok, maybe not.  I will admit that my chances didn’t  improve any when I cleaned out my garden, hauling huge flower pots of dirt to the front yard to fill in a depression that has been flooding and mowing the yard.  Ok, I over did it again.  My wife has banned me from all outside work until my hip replacement surgery in December.

We would like to thank our friend and co-host Ed Brzozowski and Tony Bemus for taking part in our first attempt at a video podcast.  Tony Bemus is one third of the team of Matt Enders, Mary Tomich and Tony Bemus hosts of the “Sunday Morning Linux Review”.  You can find their podcast at

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