THDP32 Veteran’s Day

Veteran's Day Kind of a somber time of the year.  Just before the Holidays.  To me autumn is kind of a sad season anyway.  I have always been a child of the summer.  Growing up I am not sure that I ever slowed down….for anything.  We had a lot of work around the house growing up.  The huge yard….our front yard was a 100 yard football field (with a hill in the middle and a brick house on the sideline).  Our back yard there was a baseball diamond.  Then there was the garden.  It was ….well…big.

But back to this season.  I find this time of year somewhat somber because I remember back to high school.  For me graduation…..yes, I did graduate…..was the last time I saw many, many friends.  I’m sure it is like that for everyone.  People spread out to the four corners of America and beyond.  For my generation there was the Viet Nam war and the draft.  The draft was basically a lottery.  They would pull out days of the year and if your birthday was that day then that was your position in the draft.  If they pulled April 15th say, then that day was #1 and everybody with that birthday would be called in first among my age group.  I can’t remember what day was #1 but I knew quite a few people whose birthdays were the first 5 or 10 picked.  I believe at that time numbers 1 through 39 would be automatically called in and then everyone else sequentially as needed.  But in 1972 the war was winding down.

But those people 1 through 10, I never heard from again.  Gone.  No news, no stories, nothing.  Obviously not all of them were killed but they were gone from my life. You always wonder a little in the back of your mind.

So all of this comes around to this Tuesday being Veteran’s Day.  Think about the veterans of your life.  Think of all veterans from all wars.  Think of all veterans of peacetime.  All veterans.  Say a little prayer of thanks for their service.  Donate some money of time to help someone.  Perform an act of kindness for someone in honor of those who went all in for our country.

ON today’s episode Ed and I talk about a bunch of things including the current lawsuit between the FCC and AT&T, phone carriers trying to accumulate your data through phone conversations and trying to sell it for profit, and a couple of Pakistanis eating finger food…..and I don’t mean chicken tenders….more like actual finger tenders.

Well anyway, you almost have to hear this stuff to believe it so why not listen in…

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