Giving Thanks, Happy New Year

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It’s about time I stop and give thanks for what I have.  I know, it’s after Thanksgiving and THAT is when I should have been doing this.

But here it goes…

I give thanks to the guy who put me here in the first place.  I give thanks for meeting my wife five years ago and secondarily I give thanks that she saw something in me interestingly enough to marry me.  I give thanks for a sister-in-law who saw talent in me and convinced me to turn my IT hobby into a profession.  I give thanks for having a wife that has supported me unconditionally in my endeavors.  I give thanks for what we have, what we have built and what we have accomplished.  I give thanks that I am living in an era and country when/where you CAN accomplish what you can dream.

The Scott Buehler story

Sometime in November I found a website that advertised WordPress training and hints.  WordPress plugins training and hints and much, much more.  I was interested so I subscribed to which is run by Scott Buehler.

Unbeknownst to me at the time Scott was running a special and was publicizing it on his Google+ pages.  He was giving away 150 annual subscriptions that weekend.  I didn’t know.  So I paid and it was automatically processed by Scott’s website.  Then I get an email from Scott with the subject line of “Hey Gary – Payment?”  He went on to let me know that he was in the process of giving away 150 licenses that weekend and he asked if my payment was in error?  He then offered me a refund.  I was honest, I didn’t have any idea of his giveaway but sure, I‘ll take the refund.  So he did and that is how I got a free annual subscription to Scott’s content.

It would have been so-o-o-o simple for Scott to just accept my money and be done with it.  I would never have known the difference.  Did I say that his name is Scott Buehler?  Have you seen his blog called, “Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Google Plus”??  He even has a xeeme page.  (BTW, xeeme is offered by Society3 at this website.  Scott didn’t have to give me a refund but he did (I think) because it was the right thing to do.  How often do you find that online (or anywhere for that matter)?  This is what makes Scott a special person.  I give thanks for Scott Buehler and other honest business people just like him.

I give thanks for the opportunity to form IT Solutions-MI, LLC.  I give thanks for having the foresight to start The Help Desk

Our next podcast (next weekend) will cover buying a laptop or tablet for your K-12 or college student and in two weeks we will have a full show covering XP.

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