You Have Six Months to Live, You are XP

xp2They say we live in the information age.  They say that we have never had more information available to us on a daily basis than we do currently.  So you would think that when we are faced with a certainty…such as an event that will affect everyone equally, an event that has been warned about for literally years, yes an event that is getting closer and closer and closer… you would think we would be prepared for this event.  You would think we all would take steps to protect ourselves from this event.  That event I am talking about is the certain death of Windows XP.  On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will stop updating and maintaining XP therefore ending its ability to give you the Operating System experience that you have come to know and trust over the last 13 years.

Not only that but it will no longer be able to protect you and your computer from the ravages of the Internet as we have come to know it.  With no more security updates your machine will be open to any and all malware programs, ransomware and hackers in general.  Given that, the following information is just that much more disturbing.

According to Shane McGlaun’s blog in Daily Tech, on August 8, 2013, as of April 8, 2014, 10% to 20% of all computers in the USA will still be running XP.   In China, that figure will look like a pittance.  65% of all computers in China will still be using XP.  I can see why in China that number is so massive……XP is easier to pirate than Vista or Windows 7 or 8.

He also states that as of July, 2013, the USA number was 16.4% and the China figure was 72.1% were still running on XP.

So here is what it looks like:

Gregg Keizer of ComputerWorld in his article “XP Migration easy pickings over, say experts.” States that 64% of the large enterprise organizations in the USA still have to change over from Windows XP to Windows 7.  He further said that among mid-sized companies 52% still have to make the change.

If you are just an individual who chooses not to upgrade to Windows 7 or whatever…..well I guess you will just be a danger to yourself.  XP will no longer be able to fight off the constant malware attacks.  After the cut of support, your computer will be a veritable racetrack for hackers and malware.

If you are a business, well, that’s much different.  Law suits are already being filed because companies are using XP.  The argument goes that if you store confidential information then you are guilty of not taking the necessary steps to protect your customer’s privacy.  XP at its best is not an adequate protection against security threats.

Why do so many people still use XP?  In these economic times it’s easy to see that corporations are not willing to invest so much money into the turnover.  Just the licenses alone will cost a fortune….it doesn’t matter what sort of volume licensing you enjoy….then there is the investment in PC’s to replace those that are not equipped to handle Windows 7…or 8.  Nearly all my research suggests that if you are a medium to large enterprise organization and you haven’t yet started to migrate your PC’s to Windows 7 you aren’t going to make it in time.  You will not meet the deadline.  What if you are say an older member of our society and the  only time you use your computer is to send and receive emails.  Why should you update your Operating System??

Ya know, come to think of it we have never experienced this sort of situation before.  Let’s see, Microsoft ended Windows 3.x and gave us Windows 95.  They ended that and offered us Windows 98, then Millenium, Windows 2000 and XP.  To a point, we didn’t run out and grab the new version as soon as it came out.  We changed when it became the right thing for us to do.  We changed because we wanted to, because the new version of Windows offered us more than we were currently experiencing.

Yes, Microsoft did eventually end all support for these systems but by that time there were (just a guess here) less than 5% of the market still using that version.  Not 20%.  Yes, Microsoft did offer us Vista, then Windows 7 then Windows 8 and 8.1.  I think Microsoft has maybe become a victim of it’s own business plan.  Maybe we are numb from all the Windows updates and then the emergency patches because the update didn’t work and on and on……..maybe if Microsoft doesn’t care about what they release to the public then why should we??

Maybe the public is numb to all the new OS versions and they have stopped caring.  They are using XP and it’s working so the heck with anybody else.  “Why try to fix something that ain’t broke?”

Oh boy, I wish I had a buck for every time I have heard that phrase in the past month.


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