2014 Laptop Buying Assistant – THDP5

laptop buyer's guideThis podcast is quite a bit longer than I would have like to have gone.   I try to keep our episodes to around 30 minutes.  This is more like 50.  It has some good info in it though and some great links.  I hope this helps you buy wisely.

The Help Desk Podcast – Podcast – #5 – “2014 Laptop Buying Assistant – THDP5”

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What is a refurbished laptop?

I feel I must explain what refurbished and open box laptops are.  In my mind, they represent what many, heck most of us should be buying in the notebook/laptop market.  When consulting for school districts I (100% of the time) suggest they seriously look into purchasing refurbished laptops.   So what are they?  Open box laptops are just what they sound like…..they have been removed from their box at least once for some reason.  It could be removed for display or it could have been removed because it was returned.

‘Refurbished’, ‘remanufactured’, ‘reconditioned’… they go by many names but the result is the same.  Ambiguity in names generally leads to ambiguity in quality and end product.  You should be able to expect that they have had their HDD securely wiped with the OS reinstalled, they should be clean and tested. Sometimes the reconditioning is done by the manufacturer and sometimes by the reseller.

Warranty:  You should look for a minimum of 1 year warranty.  Please note:  your individual laptop may also still have a manufacturer’s warranty so check with the manufacturer’s website as soon as is feasible.  A good reseller will use this as a selling point.

Links for refurbished laptops

Read more: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/buying-advice/laptop/3491815/should-i-buy-refurbished-laptop/#ixzz2pipgf2oH

Dell Clearance Center

Tiger Direct




Links for research used in this podcast




I’m including a link to the “Buying Laptop Computers:  Your 2012 Guide to Finding Laptop Deals on the website “makeuseof.com”.

Buying Laptop Computers: Your 2012 Guide to Finding Laptop Deals.

I am also including this link to Jeremy’s Guide to Buying a new PC-based Laptop in 2014.  This is a complete (and do I mean complete) buying guide.  My friend (I met him twice at techy conferences) Jeremy Moskowitz has allowed me to share this so here it is.

If/when you find you have the need for this information, I hope that it helps.

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