THDP7 – Son of Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker 7There are three components of an information security strategy: the things you’re required to do by law; the operational processes and procedures you put into place; and the technology tools you use to get the job done.  Tonight’s episode is about ransomware generally and Cryptolocker specifically.  We just touched on it during episode 3 entitled: “There’s a New Outlaw in Town…Cryptolocker”.   Ed Brzozowski will be joining us later for some discussion on the subject.

Tonight we are going to share a couple of emails with you.  We have gotten nothing but positive feedback from you so far.  Also there is an IT Conference called Brainstorm 15.0 that is going to be held at the Kalahari Convention Center in Wisconsin Dells.  I went there a couple of years ago and brought so much back…….I just can’t even describe it to you.  That is also where I first met Jeremy Moskowitz a Group Policy expert and a Microsoft MVP.

The BrainStorm Conference is for K20 techs to network with their counterparts from throughout the Midwest and to connect with technology vendors who tailor their products for the K20 community.

Jeremy Moskowitz

Ransomware (malware) and Cryptolocker

CryptoLocker’s crimewave: A trail of millions in laundered Bitcoin, by Violet Blue, ZDNet, December 22, 2013

The Nastiest Malware Ever & Here’s What You Can Do, by Matthew Hughes, Make-Use-Of, October 29th, 2013

Beware of the CryptoLocker Virus  

Cryptolocker: How to avoid getting infected and what to do if you are, by Jonathan Hassell, ComputerWorld, October 25, 2013

Defending Against CryptoLocker, by Jay Yaneza, October 29, 2013

Cryptolocker-Ransomware, See How it Works and How to Prevent it

CryptoPrevent from