YCRE2 – Let’s Set Some Ground Rules

Gary and Buddy walkingOkay, welcome back to our second episode of You Can’t Replace Everything.  That is the working title.  I am open to suggestions.  I’ve been racking my brain because I think I need to give this podcast a title that tells you immediately what it is about, especially if this is to become an actual podcast.  That is the intention after all.  Okay, last week I told you what I want from this podcast.  What I want to accomplish.  This week I think we need to start with a good foundation.  I am going to split the three parts up and give each one its own little section here today.  This isn’t the format that I will follow for these episodes.  It is far more likely that we will concentrate on one idea per week.  But to start off, here is some background:

Total Joint Replacements

In June 2014 I got my knee replaced.  I had waited so long to get my knee replaced and I was walking weird putting too much pressure on my other leg and favoring my bad knee…well, my hips got screwed up too.  They replaced my first hip (the worst of the two at the time) (this was December 2014) and I told my surgeon I could no longer take the pain that I had been enduring for well over a year so I opted to get my other hip replaced just last April.  During that time (I’d say over 18 months) I was progressively less and less mobile.  I was hunched over so bad and getting zip for exercise (I think this is what caused it) just before my surgery date (literally….5 days before) I got a pinched nerve in the small of my back.

Pinched Nerve in My Back

To expedite this story let’s jump past my knee replacement (which went great) and past my first hip replacement (which also went great) to my second hip replacement last spring.  Five days before surgery my back stiffened up.  Two days later I got a pinched nerve in the small of my back.  We had to call off the surgery for replacement number three.  I had an MRI and it was a pinched nerve.  After some meds and more bed rest it was getting better.  I was able to get back on the queue for my hip replacement and three weeks after the pinched nerve I was able to have surgery.  I am now nearly ready to go back to work and I still have the pinched nerve in spite of therapy and whatever else I could do to try to relieve it.  That is where I am today.

I Have to Lose 60 lbs. MINIMUM

So, here’s where it’s all connected:  because of my pinched back, because of my replacements and because it will help me feel better and live longer, I am putting myself on a 1200 calorie diet.  If I also work out in the gym and lose the weight (40 to 60 lbs) the pinch in my back will go away.  Its all connected because if I can lose the weight, my pinch maybe goes away, if I lose the weight I will have a longer lifespan for my replacement parts and I will be better able to live the life I desire,  and if I lose the weight I will live longer.  That last one is not for sure……….just ask Nathan Pritikin.

I have had back issues in the past but never a pinched nerve, and certainly not a pinched nerve for what, three months plus?  Looking back I found I was able to control my back issues by keeping my weight below 280 lbs.  I hadn’t had any back issues for well over 10-15 years but during my immobility because of my replacement issues I put on over 50 lbs.  Two weeks ago I weighed 345 lbs.  So I am going all in with this diet.  I have been on a 2000 (per day) calorie diet for quite a while but my weight was still going up and down. If I would consistently log my meals the weight would stay stable (but still way over 280).  At 60+ I could not drop the weight like I could even five years ago.

So I am again logging my meals/calories every day and I am trying to drop the calories to 1200.  Today, July 6, I weigh 324.  My wife took a picture of me walking yesterday and I have to tell you I am ashamed of myself.  It’s true I guess, the camera does not lie.  I have uploaded the picture to this podcast.  I will use it as a “before” picture.