YCRE4 My Exercise Ball and Gardening

exercise ballThe start

I am recording this on Tuesday July 14th.  It’s sort of a milestone day today because I walked over 5600 steps today and when I went to bed I still had only consumed 1125 calories.  I’m certainly not hungry and as the day goes on I am thinking of work and not a snack.  So I hope this is a harbinger of things to come.  I do know from past experience that if I can get beyond the 10 to 14 day period with that sort of calorie intake it will become the new norm.  I don’t know how scientific those figures are, I just know my body.  God only knows how many times I have dieted or started a workout regimen in the past.

We will now return you to our regularly scheduled Tuesday night activity.

My Exercise Ball and gardening

I have been wondering how I can weed my garden.  I certainly can’t bend over and pull weeds.  Besides I have a raised garden with four boxes and about 6 very large pots scattered about the garden.  How can I reach around the pots, weed around them, weed the fence line and weed in amongst my wildflower bed?  How could I do it?

When I was doing my therapy for my second hip replacement they had me use an exercise ball.  The moment I laid down on the ball I realized I might be able to use a ball just like that to weed my garden.  It would allow me to be on the ball and weed, roll the ball forward as I progress along and all the while not kneeling on my replaced knee.  The last time I tried that was semi disasterous.  This time I was using my nearly new knee pads with a foam liner.  It worked like a charm.

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